Jack Sterling

John Tobin: The Cigar Whisperer

In the quaint corners of Louisville, you’ll find John Tobin, often dubbed the ‘Cigar Whisperer’. A weekend aficionado, his world orbits around the mystique of cigars. John’s not just about puffing; he’s a storyteller, where each cigar sparks a tale. His balcony, adorned with a vintage humidor and a collection that’s a mini global tour — from Havana’s finest to Kentucky’s bold blends.

For John, it’s not just smoking; it’s a ritual. Pairing smokes with jazz, he finds harmony in the smoke swirls and saxophone curls. His blog, “Smoke Rings & Musings,” is where he pens down these cigar symphonies, a hit among those who share this smoky love.

In John’s life, cigars are the thread that weaves stories, friendships, and moments, one puff at a time.